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Rasgulla Haldiram's 1Kg
Save 14%
Soan Papdi Haldiram's 250g
Sale price€2,99 Regular price€3,49
Soan Papdi Haldiram's 250gDomomart Reviews
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Gulab Jamun Haldiram's 1kg
Rasmalai Haldiram's 1kg
Save 7%
Motichoor Ladoo Haldiram's
Sale price€6,49 Regular price€6,99
Motichoor Ladoo Haldiram' Reviews
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Save 3%
Kaju Katli Haldiram's 300g
Sale price€7,29 Regular price€7,49
Kaju Katli Haldiram's Reviews
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Save 11%
Plum Cake Surprise Elite 800g
Sale price€7,99 Regular price€8,99
Plum Cake Surprise Elite Reviews
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Panjeeri Ladoo Haldirams 400g
Save 24%
Extra White Wrigleys 14g
Sale price€0,75 Regular price€0,99
Extra White Wrigleys Reviews
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Save 18%
Mars Bar 51g
Sale price€0,99 Regular price€1,20
Mars Bar Reviews
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Save 14%
Snickers Bar 48g
Sale price€1,20 Regular price€1,39
Snickers Bar Reviews
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Pocky Stick Matcha Green Tea Glico
Pocky Stick Mango Glico
Pocky Stick Almond Glico
Pocky Stick Choco Banana 25g
Gummy Jelly Sweets Grape Cocon
Skyflakes Condensada 10x30g
Save 15%
Gummy Jelly Mango Cocon 100g
Sale price€1,69 Regular price€1,99
Gummy Jelly Mango Cocon Reviews
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Save 2%
Soan Papdi Classic Haldirams 500g
Sale price€5,89 Regular price€5,99
Soan Papdi Classic Haldirams Reviews
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Save 6%
Soan Papdi Premium Haldirams 500g
Sale price€7,49 Regular price€7,99
Soan Papdi Premium Haldirams Reviews
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Save 6%
Christmas Cake Dates & Cashew Daily Delight 700g
Sale price€8,49 Regular price€8,99
Christmas Cake Dates & Cashew Daily Delight Reviews
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Save 7%
Halwa With Pistachio Chtoura 400g
Sale price€3,99 Regular price€4,29
Halwa With Pistachio Chtoura Reviews
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Save 8%
Halwa Plain Chtoura 400g
Sale price€3,69 Regular price€3,99
Halwa Plain Chtoura Reviews
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Save 7%
Biscuit Chocolate Superstix 335g
Sale price€4,29 Regular price€4,59
Biscuit Chocolate Superstix Reviews
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